Current Job Openings

The Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium is seeking both clinical volunteers to assist with vaccinating and non-medical volunteers to help with clerical support. There are also opportunities for non-public facing volunteers assisting with customer service support via phone. The commitment is a minimum of 2 days/week.

Days: Every Monday through every Saturday
Times: 9am-5pm or 11am-9pm (please arrive 20 minutes early to all shifts!)


Recruiting/Human Resources Consultant –Will play an important part in building a strong employer brand for our organization to ensure we attract, hire and retain the most qualified employees. View Job Description 

Registered Nurse (RN) & Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) – Primary function: Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine. Evaluation of the patient’s health status, estimate the level of health risk and inform/provide some form of feedback to patients to motivate behavior change to reduce health risks. These assessments will be done for COVID-19 and occur both in-person and telephonic. View Job Description

Physician Assistant – Primary function: Will provide health care services to patients under the direction of a physician. PA’s are academically and clinically trained to perform many of the routines but time-consuming tasks that physicians usually do and are accountable for their own actions and accountable to their supervising physicians. View Job Description

Epidemiologist -Primary function: Will be responsible for coordinating testing activities for cases and contacts of COVID-19 within a region. Serves as coordinator of COVID-10 testing efforts within a region, providing oversight and response to COVID-19 testing requests and ensuring testing results are relayed back to case investigators, contact tracers, ordering providers, and patients. View Job Description

Operations Support Coordinator – Multiple positions will be filled from this posting. A COVID-19 Operations Support Coordinator will fill many critical roles that require a team-oriented hands-on solution. Operations Support Coordinators will manage supplies, deliver goods, and sanitize all equipment, chairs, tables, clipboards, etc. at testing sites. Work locations will all include Black Doctors ||COVID-19|| Consortium testing sites and transporting people and items to the field.

COVID-19 Operations Support Coordinators with and without special certifications or licenses will perform many physical tasks. The job requires a highly motivated, team-oriented individual who can lift, lower, and slide up to 70 pounds. View Job Description 

Volunteer – Primary function: Will be responsible for the execution and coordination of all non-clinical daily activities of the COVID-19 community testing site, act as primary support for clinical activities, and take a leadership role in coordinating daily activities with city-wide leadership. Several positions are available in various cities. View Job Description.